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Acoustica Audio Converter Pro (AACP) - Convert your MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA & CDA files with a right click!

This user friendly audio converter will convert MP3, WAV, WMA, CDA & OGG files with just a right click! It seamlessly integrates into Windows and is always accessible without having to bring up a clunky, screen-hogging interface.

Audio Converter Pro has a high quality 32 bit converter engine that makes pro quality conversions to and from the most common audio formats.

An integrated audio CD ripper is also included! Just right click on a CD track and rip or convert it to WAV, MP3, OGG or WMA file! Professionals will find this tool indispensable. Home hobbyists will find Audio Converter Pro a very handy addition to their arsenal of audio tools.

Acoustica Audio Audio Converter Pro:

  • Simple to use - right click on a file and select "Convert To"

  • Supported audio conversions:
    MP3 -> WAV, MP3 -> WMA, MP3 -> OGG
    CDA -> MP3, CDA -> WMA, CDA -> OGG
    WAV -> MP3, WAV -> OGG, WAV -> WMA
    OGG -> MP3, OGG -> WMA, OGG -> WAV

  • Convert entire folders and sub-folders with a single right click! Very handy for changing the format of your entire audio library.

  • Converts your play lists too! Converts play lists of type .asx, .cbs, .cl3, .cl4, .cl5, .m3u, .nra, .pl, .pls, .pya, .rcl, .rmp, .rxp, .wax, .wpl, .wvx, and .xml to MP3, WAV, WMA or OGG! (Windows Media Player, Acoustica MP3 CD Burner, Roxio Easy CD Creator, Winamp, Nero, Sonique, Cakewalk Pyro, Real Jukebox, & iTunes play lists!)

  • Rip audio CDs with a right click. Automatically looks up track info and names the converted tracks.

  • Normalizes audio files

  • Removes silence from the beginning and end of the sounds.

  • High quality 32 bit converter engine, allows you to convert to any sampling rate and even allows pros to convert to 24 bit and 32 bit WAV files. (Which might be useful for DVD audio mastering.)

  • Detects possible incomplete songs

Acoustica MP3 to Wave Converter PLUS! MP3 To Wave Converter PLUS
Audio Converter Pro
Convert to and from WAV X X
Anti-aliases for good sound quality. Quality Comparison X X
Convert from 32 bit, 24 bit WAV files X X
Convert to and from MP3 X X
Convert to and from WMA X X
Convert Play lists X X
CD Ripper - Convert from CDA   X
Convert to and from OGG   X
Convert to 32 bit & 24 bit WAV files   X
File Size 2.0 MB 2.4 MB
Price $24.95 $34.95
Product Link MP3 To Wave Converter PLUS Audio Converter Pro

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