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CD ripper software, which is also known as an audio grabber or digital audio extraction, is designed to digitally read the tracks of an audio CD and write them to your hard disk in WAV, WMA, Ogg or MP3 audio format. All that you need is your computer CD-ROM drive and a CD ripper tool like those recommended below. This digitally extraction (or CD ripping) process results in a perfect audio digital copy of your songs.

AltoMP3 Maker

Burn custom CDs of your collection of MP3s

AltoMP3 Maker CD Ripper Software

AltoMP3 Maker is a user-friendly CD Ripper tool that saves you time and has you enjoying all your favorite songs quickly and easily.  Why flip through your many CDs looking for your favorite songs when you can rip your most listened CDs into MP3 or WAV format for burning.  AltoMP3 Maker is a perfect tool to compliment your MP3 CD Burner software. Click now to learn more about AltoMP3 Maker CD Ripper and MP3 to Wav Converter.


Learn More about AltoMP3 Maker  :: Download AltoMP3 Maker

MP3 Master

An Integrated P2P Music Software Solution

MP3 Master

MP3 Master is a fully integrated MP3 software solution that lets you download MP3s, games, movies, burn MP3 audio and data CDs and Rip CDs into MP3, Wav, WMA and Ogg.  Do you have old vinyl and audio cassettes you want to preserve? MP3 Master lets you record your vinyl and cassettes to MP3.  For an affordable price, this software has all your importants an MP3 CD Burner, CD Ripper, MP3 Converter, MP3 Music Organizer and P2P file sharing application.

Learn more about MP3 Master :: Buy MP3 Master


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